United Tax Express is a network of expert tax preparers, accountants and tax consultants located throughout the Charlotte, NC area. Our experts are dedicated to each individual and business to ensure they are receiving one on one personal attention. We have developed a system of checks and balances that ensures we have maximized all legal deductions along with providing the tax payer with expert tax planning strategies. We are more then just getting you money back fast & quick.

Each of our offices are staffed with year round Tax professionals that have been put to the test; guess what? We passed. With over 12 years of experience in tax preparation, tax consulting, IRS resolutions, Incorporating assistance, bookkeeping, audit representation, worker’s compensation, obtaining tax files, removal of tax liens, levies, and garnishments. We are also a proud provider of ITIN assistance, translations, Immigration assistance, and school registration to the Hispanic community. Our expertise in these areas has allowed us to service the needs of clients from coast to coast.

Each year during the off season our Tax professionals review, take enhancement courses, attend I.R.S, N.A.T.P, software, and bank of commerce workshops and seminars. We also conduct a pre season rules and regulation update seminar to ensure we are well informed of the last minute Tax law changes.

We treat each client as an individual and we work for you. “United stands for you”. This makes you the key to our success. When your car breaks down you go to an expert, when you need medical attention you go to an expert, when it’s time to confront a tax situation go to the experts at United Tax Express Inc.